Our Services

Regulatory Compliance

Our expertise in dealing with regulatory agencies and our familiarity with their requirements can be instrumental to your entry into the various Latin American countries

Device Testing and Research

We have strong alliances with major centers in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Santiago and other leading Latin American cities where your products can be tested and evaluated by leading doctors whose opinions shape the market

Distribution and Marketing

Given our many years specialized in congenital heart disease, we have a team of associates who know in depth that area and are attuned to the needs of their specific client base

To bridge the gap between developed and developing nations in medical research and treatment by working to assist companies in the ethical and effective research and marketing of their medical devices, while bringing appropriate medical technologies to the Latin American countries

Our Mission

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Acortar la brecha entre países desarrollados y aquellos en vías al desarrollo en investigaciones y tecnologías en medicina por medio de nuestra colaboración en la investigación y comercialización ética de dispositivos médicos. A la vez trayendo a América Latina nuevas y eficaces tecnologías en medicina

Nuestra Mision

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