Interventional Devices

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between developed and developing nations in medical research and treatment, by assisting companies in the ethical and effective research and marketing of their medical products. While bringing promising medical technologies to the Latin American countries.

Our Assets

INTRADE has been providing congenital heart disease and structural heart diagnostic and therapeutic devices in Latin America since 1997. We have been at the forefront since the early stages of development of devices and therapies which are now routinely applied in treatment of congenital and structural heart diseases. We have specialized in this area and over the years we have developed unparalleled relations, expertise and knowledge of this segment of the cardiology field.

Contacts, Knowledge, Access, and Experience are the key elements of our services to medical devices and equipment manufacturers. INTRADE has the expertise to help global companies seeking:

• Contacts to establish an efficient, proven and successful distribution network in Latin America.
• Knowledge regarding regulatory, sales and marketing issues to consider regarding product registration.
• Access to Medical Institutions and R&D facilities to expand and accelerate product testing and evaluation.
• Experience in the CHD field which will cut start up expenses and will allow for a faster and successful market penetration.

Our Services

Distribution and Marketing

The right distributor can increase your sales and market penetration in an efficient and cost effective manner. INTRADE entered the CHD and structural fields in their nascent stages. We have accompanied the field from the first valvuloplasty procedures, up to the current developments in TAVI. We have forged long term relationships with key opinion leaders in the field.

Given our many years specialized in congenital heart disease, we have a team of associates who know in depth that area and are attuned to the needs of their specific client base.

Device Testing and Research

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the medical industry is live testing and trials of the medical device your company seeks to market. INTRADE can provide you with the access to major hospitals and to leading doctors for in vivo trials and testing of your devices. Testing of your products can be an invaluable asset in evaluating and introducing your devices to the market place.

We have strong alliances with major centers in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Santiago and other leading Latin American cities where your products can be tested and evaluated by leading doctors whose opinions shape the market.

We can help as a liaison with private and public institutions capable of carrying out trials under protocols, research and development of your medical products.

Regulatory Compliance

Our expertise in dealing with regulatory agencies and our familiarity with their requirements can be instrumental to your entry into the various Latin American. We can provide you with:

• Guidance regarding documentation required.
• Preparation and submission of the documents to the regulatory entity.
• Follow up and updates regarding the evaluation process.

INTRADE is registered with the U.S. FDA as an importer/distributor of non-FDA approved device. This allows us the advantage of bringing to the U.S. devices which cannot be sold in the U.S. market. The advantage of having this permit is that we are able to maintain stock as well as to consolidate shipments of related product. Thus, cutting down in delivery lead times, import costs and allows us to provide consolidated shipments to our distribution network.

INTRADE provides the manufacturer a multitude of services efficiently and effectively. Our knowledge and expertise in Latin America can be an instrumental asset in order to enter or expand in this market, which represents over 25% of worldwide sales of the medical industry.

We look forward to putting our knowledge and expertise to work for you.